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E28 BMW 5 Series Information

The E28 BMW 5 series mid-sized platform was the basis for 1981 to 1988 BMW 5 series cars, replacing the 1976-1980 BMW E12 5 series platform. The E28 series was phased out in North American after the 1988 model year and replaced by the E34 BMW 5 series. Europe received a wider range of E28 models than were sold in the States, including:
518 with 1.8 liter M10 engine and carburetor
518i with 1.8 liter M10 engine with CIS/Bosch Motronic fuel injection
524d with diesel engine
524td with turbo diesel engine
525i with 2.5 liter M20 168-171 horsepower engine
525e with 2.5 and 2.7 'eta' economy M20 6 cylinder engine
528i with M30 2.8 liter 6 cylinder engine.
535i/M535i with the SOHC high compression 3.5 liter 208-220 hp M30 engine
E28 M5 model with the S38/M88 3.5 liter 286 hp DOHC 6 cylinder engine
&Canada and the United States received the following E28 BMWs:
524td - Turbo Diesel with under 100 hp! The same engine was also used by Ford in the Lincoln LSC for 3 years.
528e with the High torque 2.7 L eta designed for good fuel economy with 121 hp and the 4500 rpm rev limit.
533i - 3.2 liter 176 - 182 hp M30 engine.
535i with 3.5 L M30, also rated at 182 hp but with better power delivery and low end torque than the 3.2/3.3 liter M30 engine. Note that the last E24 635csi's of 1988 and 1989 received a 208 hp version of this engine that also found its way into the E34 535i.
535is, which was same as above but with sport suspension, interior modifications like sport steering and sports seats. 1986-1988 only. a great car!
M5. A one year, 1988-only, wonder in the United States. Lower compression, different exhaust manifold/headers, and a catalytic converter conspired to sap at least 30 horsepower from the 286hp european version, with the US spec E28 M5 rated at 256 hp. the 24 valve DOHC,  6 throttle bodies, Bosch Motronic integrated fuel injection S38 engine also found in the US spec E24 1987-1988 M6.
The E28 sedan, with its tall greenhouse and overtly 70's styling traced back to original E12 5 series, the 1975 530i, was not the entirely not platform the E34 was, but rather a modified version of the E12 design. The cars to have are the rare E28 M5 and the 535is. However, any solid car should not be turned away, because a high compression 3.5 SOHC M30 from a late car or E34 535i will drop right in, and there are many, many suspension and chassis modifications available to make any 5'er outbrake and outhandle stock E28 M5 models.

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